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greetings from utah

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  • greetings from utah

    hello all. I have tried to post this introduction a couple of times but i think the mods may have gotten the idea it was spam. haha. thats cool though. i understand.

    Hopefully this one makes it.

    So now to introduce myself. I am a full time pre med student and after that i will finish in engineering for either medical or power generation such as nuclear or other types.

    I have 5 smokers and 2 grills. I have the red sky grilling grill stone which is awesome by the way.

    as a hobby i run these two websites

    Grill of My dreams
    The bread journal

    here is my first grilled pizza thread i have ever done! it was way fun

    Grill of My dreams: Wood fired pizza

    i hope to get to know every one. i want to build a ceramic grill/oven out of an old kettle grill somehow or build my own oven, but not enough money at the moment. haha