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hello there from cardiff in the uk

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  • hello there from cardiff in the uk

    Been lurking for a while but have just cast my base slab and spent some rainy hours in my garage making an i.t. so thought i'd introduce myself..............i have decided on a pompeii and just took delivery of the firebricks

    Cant wait to start on the dome but it seems a long way off !

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    Re: hello there from cardiff in the uk

    Hello H12PO,

    Thank you for the post and your lurking around. I hope that you have found or will find all that you want from our forum. Everyone here is very friendly and very helpful. It always seems that when we are excited about something it is always far away (it's the impatient child in us!). But in the end, one day (soon) you will be baking some great pizza's among other great foods!! Our forum family looks forward to your post and answers! When you are ready please send us some pictures... We would love to see your progress!!