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    Just checking in. I had been lurking for some time and decided to jump in. I tried a brief into earlier but made a reference to the tarmac in route to eternal peril and may have been censored. As a neophyte I am not aware of how liberal the policy may be. If I overstepped propriety then I humbly offer my apologies.
    Maybe it's time lag and I need to be patient. If this is a repete then so be it.
    I am going to embark on this project soon. Relatively small 32" ish oven. I want to squeeze it on to a 48x48 base. I know that is pushing the insulation boundaries but I think I can make it work- I welcome feedback. All of this wil be hashed out on the soon to be published build thread.
    So there you go, I'm eager to get going but also plan to plan before making relatively permanent mistakes.