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Pizza will be on the menu

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  • Pizza will be on the menu

    Hi, just wanted to convey my thanks for a great site, I have been talking about building an oven for several years now and my son started the ground work last year to shame me into it.
    So currently I find myself at the dome stage (2/3 done), I started the base last year until the weather beat me, but I am back on track and over the last few week things are coming a long just fine (with thanks to this site). Unless you are experienced in this sort of thing, its amazing how much you think you may have planned and sort advice, but the reality is that you need a holding hand from the first turn of a shovel.

    I will, like many here display my hard efforts "eventually", but for now, I can nearly taste the Quattro stagione!


    Mr M.

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    Re: Pizza will be on the menu

    Welcome Mr. Memma!

    You posted a pic with a question about putting the chimney over the top of dome and straight up. It can be done. There are a few builders that did exactly that with their WFOs, and I'm one of them. Take a look at my build in the Pompeii Construction section of the forum. My build threat is "Aceves Corner 42" and it shows how I did my chimney over the dome and straight up from the center. Take a look at my photos when you get a chance.

    Enjoy the final stretch, and congrats on almost being done! And remember, post pics of your build!!



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      Re: Pizza will be on the menu

      Thanks for your reply and information Aceves, I am grateful for any information and I can see there are many great threads on the forum.
      I see you insulated the dome first before directing the chimney over it.
      I was rather hoping to continue up and over the dome with inch and a half thick refractory brick. Do you think this will compromise the ability for the oven to retain the heat?
      I was hoping to support the vertical section by the dome top.
      I rather like the way you have done your chimney, but I wouldn't know where to get that type of circular refractory from here in England.
      The WFO is already under a roof section and the only reason for not going straight up with the chimney is that the roof support is directly over where the chimney should go (if I took it straight up).
      Anyway, more head scratching I think before the final decision.
      The plan seems to change with every brick laid.

      I'll keep you posted, for the moment I am doing a couple of hours after work and weekends to get this finished hopefully before summer ends. (Not that it ever starts over here).

      Thanks again.

      Mr M.


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        Re: Pizza will be on the menu

        Mr. M,

        I don't know how having the refractory brick chimney up and over the dome will affect the WFO's ability to retain the heat. I insulated my chimney because I wanted the dome entirely covered with the blanket to ensure that the dome has an even heat distribution. My guess is that having the chimney directly on the dome might fluctuate the heat. Again that is just a guess. I can only tell you that my oven works perfectly for me.

        What you propose to do can be done, and it actually has been done by one of the members here: gt40. Take a look at this build thread, his dome chimney pics start on page 8:


        You can check in with him to see how his oven is performing, just send him an e-mail or post to his thread.

        I hope this puts you at ease with attempting to go over the dome. I say you go for it and clear that support beam by going over the dome. Each oven is unique, but they all function the same: they produce great pizzas!

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          Re: Pizza will be on the menu

          Hi Aceves, after checking out other members designs, I am no closer to how I will overcome this slight problem. I have been at it all weekend and I will hopefully over the next few days complete the dome. It getting close, but with every brick now it seems to take forever.
          I just wondered what size the chimney has to be, I was thinking a 6" pipe would be OK for my 1 metre dome, but I can get some three and a half inch ID square section stainless steel which could work quite nicely with a 45 degree section to take it up and over the dome. The only thing is I don't think this is large enough.
          I wake up in the night thinking about this damn chimney design and I will soon need a solution, because it's getting close now.


          Mr M.


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            Re: Pizza will be on the menu

            Mr M.

            I work in inches. 1 meter is about 39 inches. I have a 32 inch oven and I have a 6" diameter pipe and I certainly wouldn't want to go smaller. I think that there are many experienced builders on this forum who would suggest a 7" or even 8" pipe for your oven.

            My guess is that 6" should be OK for you and long as you don't go smaller and don't constrict the air flow anywhere. It is all about the area. A 6" pipe has an area of about 28 square inches. You DEFINITELY don't want to use a 3.5" square pipe. That only has an area of 10 square inches - you won't get enough draw with that. Also be careful of bends. The fewer bends the better and if you have to have them make sure they are gentle sweeps - no sharp 90 degree bends.

            My chimney pictures start here: http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/8/32...tml#post154209


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              Re: Pizza will be on the menu

              Neapolitan ovens direct the chimney over the top of the dome with no insulation and vent from the center, so there should not be an issue either way.

              The general rule is 30 degree bends in a chimney, it has as more to do with soot accumulation (chimney fire) then draw.


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                Re: Pizza will be on the menu

                Thanks Guys,

                Sorry about the metric measurements, I know over in the US it's a little frowned upon
                I will be closing the dome hopefully this week so the chimney will be next.
                If I extend the front part a little more I may even manage to get a straight up piece which will certainly solve all the head scratching.

                Another small question I have: is it critical to cover the dome exterior with fire cement before insulating it? I have seen some that plaster it on the exterior bricks and I just wondered if this was to improve the structure or something.


                Mr M.


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                  Re: Pizza will be on the menu

                  Problem Solved!
                  I decided to move the roofing strut so my chimney now goes straight up
                  Just finishing off the outer chimney facia and then its onto insulating and rendering the dome.
                  I would like to ask if it's best to start curing the oven before rendering or do I have to complete the whole thing and then start the careful curing process???

                  Mr. M.