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Is this a Gueulard Oven?

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  • Is this a Gueulard Oven?

    Hello fellow oven mates!

    I found an old oven behind a wall in a building I recently purchased. The building was a bakery in 1928 and again from 1950-1984. I'm trying to understand what kind of oven this is, the materials it was built with and how it worked so that I may dismantle it properly. It takes up two floors but the bottom floor part that is located in the basement is not directly under the first floor part. It's about ten feet in front of the top part, so I'm kind of confused about that. Pics of the front, back and top of the oven are below. Unfortunately the top is littered with roofing debris and garbage. I don't have pics of the basement part. Any info would be greatly appreciated.






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    Re: Is this a Gueulard Oven?

    I don't know the name but I would love to look over that oven before you dismantle it.

    What are your plans once you take it apart? I would love to have the hardware and doors off that oven.

    How soon are you going to dismantle?

    What a find... Faith


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      Re: Is this a Gueulard Oven?

      Hi Faith,
      We are wanting to dismantle asap, probably within next few weeks or so. We will probably sell whatever parts we can to help recoup the dismantle fees. Are you coming to Chicago any time soon?


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        Re: Is this a Gueulard Oven?

        I was not planning on it but...I would be interested in those doors and such. What fees are you looking at to dismantle the oven?

        Here is some of the issues I think you may have that is a pile of firebrick (very heavy) due to it's age and weight it may take time to sell off that brick plus the time transport and storage of the brick.

        The rest of the parts can be replicated by a good metal shop.

        I'm no expert but I don't know if you can re coop those costs.

        I would still love to see that oven. A few questions that the pictures don't show.

        Dose the baking floor slope up away from the entry doors?
        Dose the oven have a small wood burning area under the baking floor with a hole from the top of that going to the baking chamber up through the floor with a directional cowl in the front center of the baking chamber?

        These are some clues if your oven is a Gueulard oven.

        I would love to come help dismantle. Even have my own tools...LOL


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          Re: Is this a Gueulard Oven?

          Thanks so much for the info Faith! I think it's definitely a Gueulard based on what you told me, but a German version like the one sketched below. I think you may be right about recouping costs. We weren't gonna try to save the brick but I think we can get some scrap metal money. I have someone coming tomorrow to give me an estimate on dismantling and removing the oven. Although it might be cheaper to do it ourselves. You are welcome to come check it out. Just send me a private message to exchange info.