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    We have hired a mason to construct a structure to contain a newly purchased Premiio 2 G oven purchased from Forno Bravo. He assured us of his credentials and came recommended by a major local brick supplier, The oven is being bulit in Northern Utah which experiences cold and snowy winters.
    The builder poured a concrete basd that goes down below frost line but did not use rebar either in the base or as vertical support. He built a brick shell and is now filling the inside with cinder block to form the base.
    A-ha! Now comes to our house a neighbor friend whose career before retirement was masonry. He is disdainful of the construction and is confident that without rebar reinforcement our base and oven will not be durable. The mason initially stated he did use rebar but his worker later "confessed" that this is not so.
    Any suggestions on how to proceed would be appreciated. Is the rebar necessary?