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    Hello everyone,

    Just starting to poke around here. I haven't read all the FAQs yet so I'll wait to post any questions til then. Just wanted to introduce myself.

    We are in the planning stages for a backyard remodel and I'd like to include a Wood fired oven in our outdoor kitchen plans, something small to medium.

    I know little more about them than I think it would be cool have one and fun to build (nice reason huh?). I am still thinking about the DIY approach but haven't ruled out buying a premade one.

    I'm sure I'll have some questions about what some of you folks have done.


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    Re: Another Newbie

    Originally posted by Screwball View Post
    <snip>... something small to medium. <snip>
    It doesn't take much more to build larger, so stay away from small and get to the medium to large size. You won't regret the decision.

    J W