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Another Newbi looking for plans

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  • Another Newbi looking for plans

    I found this site surfing the net after talking with someone that is in progress of building one of these. I am looking for as detailed of instructions that I can find on building my own. I do know so far that I need to use fire brick but what are the other materials required as far as insulation and etc. Also is there anything on dimension for the oven?
    I am looking at making a side wall next to my patio with the pizza oven in it.

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    Re: Another Newbi looking for plans

    Go to tha main page for the FornoBravo Web site. On the upper right hand corner is the on-line store go there and then got ot he left side and shop by category. click on Instruction manuals.

    You have two options
    1. Help out Habitat for Humanity with a paltry donation or
    2. Pay with keystrokes and electrons and nothing out of your pocket book, Later realizing that it was worth more than $10 and download it again in a month at $10.

    glad you are here use the Search funtions on the forum as lots of questions are answered there and we are more than happy to answer thm again


    just pulled out 4300 red brick (28,000 lbs) now to find a flat bed truck and get them to my house. - one step closer to that oven!