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  • Hi from NH

    Hi all:

    I went to a pizza party at an Italian friends house. Best pizza I have ever had and thus my journey to replicate this pizza for my family and pizza parties has began.

    The foundation has been poured. Thanks to this forum I had a Redi-Mix truck come to my house and had a couple of friends waiting with wheelbarrows. I was originally going to buy the bagged stuff from Homedepot. Ended up using almost 1 yard. Priced the two and it was cheaper to do the truck also oddly enough I called several places and received wildly different quotes. The cheapest place was actually further from my house.

    I am now ready to start building the stand. I am glad to move onto the building stage rather than digging. Living in Nh I am concerned about frost heaves so my 6" foundation slab has 5 sorno tube footings. I tried to go 4 feet down on all of them but failed as I hit boulders big enough that I couldn't dig around them and certainly wouldn;t have been able to lift them if I could have dug them loose. So my footings vary from 3 to 4 feet. Needless to say it has been a lot of work just to get to this stage.

    For the record I am building a 36" oven. I hope to have the stand, hearth and insulation layer on the hearth complete before the Winter hits.

    Thank you for such a great site.


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    Re: Hi from NH

    Welcome aboard Julian,
    I agree, it is a great site and great help from very obliging members.
    You have obvoiusly had a good look around the forum and made your decissions. Feel free to ask anything to set your mind straight.
    Enjoy your construction and then the food from it and the social activity that goes with it. It generates a whole new outlook on life.


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