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    I have gottin as far as building the 4'' concrete slab under the oven. I'm using firebrick for the floor of the oven. What type of insulation should be used between the concrete and the firebrick?. I do not know the the ratio of materials for making insulating concrete.

    I also want to build a retangled arch oven with the smoke stack at the opposite end as the door. I have not seen ovens built like this I'm looking for ideas.

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    Re: oven floor

    My best advice is to keep reading...

    The insulating layer is actually vermiculite or perlite.

    The ratio is 1 part cement(not concrete) to 5 parts vermiculite or perlite.

    The two are mixed thoroughly and then water is added, but just enough water until when the mixed is compressed with your hand, a small amount of water will be squeezed out.

    It looks like you want to make a barrel oven.

    Are you interested in baking pizza or bread?

    Most here feel that the Pompeii oven is the best design for either need.

    Good luck and remember.......... KEEP READING!
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      Re: oven floor


      Stop building (for now).

      Read the Pompeii Oven plans a few times, then start browsing all the Forno Bravo message boards. There is a ton of info here. Some of it won't make complete sense, but the more you read, the better you will understand. Pay particular attention to the "Stickies" that are posted at the top of each message board.

      Start here:

      Spend several hours reading this stuff and your oven will start taking shape in your head.
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