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  • Hello Everyone

    Hello- new guy here,

    I found this website in a google search for "build an outdoor oven", and so far I love what I see.

    2 winters ago I installed a wood burning insert into our fireplace opening- and have been hooked in using wood as fuel ever since. I am very lucky that the area I live in has lots of hardwood trees. I never cut down a tree just to burn it- I feel that would be a waste. All of the wood I burn comes from trees that were removed because of a hazard, diseased, struck by lightning- or some other damage. Most of these trees are cut down by the city street department, and they usually just cut them into 2 foot chunks or so- and leave the by the curb for one of their trucks to pick up. Since the wood is of no use to a sawmill when cut that short, I figure the best use is now firewood. I burn responsibly- I never burn unseasoned wood that would generate a lot of smoke and pollution. I always load the firebox for short, hot fires- and it always burns clean.

    This past summer I have taken an interest in outdoor cooking. I have always enjoyed the occasional casual cook out, but I wanted to do something more- and for several reasons. I was tired of wasting energy heating up the house with the oven and stove, just to use more energy to try and cool it off at the same time. Also, I found that I could get some really great tasting foods using wood as a heat source vs. a gas oven and stove top. But mostly- I found it enjoyable. I am a purist of sorts, and this style of cooking just seems like the way it should be done.

    The style of outdoor oven I originaly had in mind is something that would allow me to cook breads, meats- use some cast iron cookwear, maybe make soups and chilie or Paella. I know nothing about construction and the difference between different types of ovens- so it may be that not one oven will suit all these needs, but from what I've read so far- I think I have found the right place to learn

    Thanks for all the good info!
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    Re: Hello Everyone

    Hi Elektrobot and welcome aboard.
    Like you, I fell upon this forum some months ago and have built myPompeii and thoroughly enjoy using it.
    There are plenty of members willing to offer help and assitance with your queries and help source materials.
    Good to see that you have a good source of wood, more than most of us. My woodcutter friend is 200km away and not ecconomical to travel that far, so I source it elsewhere. I used to run 4wd trips through our southern forests and was permitted to keep the timber that we removed from the tracks used for emergency vehicle access in fire season.

    Prevention is better than cure, - do it right the first time!

    The more I learn, the more I realise how little I know

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      Re: Hello Everyone

      Originally posted by Elektrobot View Post
      so it may be that not one oven will suit all these needs, but from what I've read so far- I think I have found the right place to learn

      Thanks for all the good info!
      Welcome aboard.

      I think you will find the Pompeii design is a very versatile oven. Pizza, bread, roasted meats.

      Kind of a jack-of-all-trades oven.

      And remember, if you decide to build one, it will soon become an obsession.
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        Re: Hello Everyone

        Hi Electrobot!
        Welcome to the world of Pompeii oven builders and the BEST forum for all things 'Brick Oven Cooking' and most importantly 'Pizza Making'!
        You WILL become obsessed and you WILL build an oven sooner or later!!!! If you have the space for one, there is no doubt in our (forum members) minds!
        I've been reading posts on this site since it's been on Yahoo a few years ago! (And I AM currently building my 42" dome!)
        Just think, if we can build millions of ovens in the USA and all over the world, we would constantly be using less fossil fuel throughout the world, thereby saving the environment in some way! Wood is a renewable resource and adds less pollutants to the air than fossil fuels! (ok I MAY have just made up that last thing but I'm not really sure! ) AND, the food tastes awesome!
        Anyways, Save the world, build an oven!
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