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Hi from Sydney, Australia

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  • Hi from Sydney, Australia

    Hi guys, just thought id pop in and say hi, im from Australia but both my parents are from Calabria, Italy. I love cooking and have cooked in my nonna's (grandmother's) oven many times making bread etc..

    Finally i convinced my dad to start his before i do mine anyways im doing a story on how our oven is going in the Brick Oven Photos section so i hope i give back something to this great site. I love cooking and once the oven is up and ready i will be posting many recipes that i have cooked over the years.

    until then Buono Appetito

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    Re: Hi from Sydney, Australia

    Welcome Adrian! The photos look great! Looking forward to seeing some Calabrian recipes!

    My Oven Thread:


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      Re: Hi from Sydney, Australia

      Hi Adrian. I saw the photos...very cool. I especially like your dad's hands on, git er done aproach. You guys will be cooking pizza while I'm still working out the small details on paper. Keep up the good work - and the pics.
      Dusty in california


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        Re: Hi from Sydney, Australia

        Hi Adrian and welcome aboard.
        Good to see another Aussie on the forum. If we keep going, we will out number the others. Goes to show our enthusiasm to good things.
        Good to see your oven construction pics and look foreward to it's completion.

        Also interested in some of those traditional Italian receipes that your grandmother used.

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