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indoor installation :do they smoke

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  • indoor installation :do they smoke

    We are considering installing a wood burning bake oven in our kitchen. Do they smoke and if so are there practical ways to mitigate the smoke such as an electric exhaust fan like those on range hoods? KL

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    Re: indoor installation :do they smoke

    Lots of people do it.
    I know my outside oven smokes a bunch through the front, before the chimney heats up and draws the smoke up...

    I don't think I would put one in my house, but, like I said, lots of people do...
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      Re: indoor installation :do they smoke

      Get profession help in designing and building it.

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        Re: indoor installation :do they smoke

        With a properly made and used draft door, the amount of smoke that actually comes into the kitchen will be minimal and only at start up. This is supposing that only well cured hard wood is used. Wet, improperly cured or resinous woods will always smoke to some extent. The efficient design of FB pizza ovens results in fires that burn hot and clean, so smoke should not be a problem, no more so than a well designed fireplace anyway.

        You neither need nor want an exhaust fan.

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          Re: indoor installation :do they smoke

          Hey Kluber,
          have you started your project yet? I too am considering an oven in my kitchen..well the oven will be outside, cause of heat, but we want the opening to be in our kitchen...


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            Re: indoor installation :do they smoke

            I know two couples in northern california who have put WFO in their kitchens. They have not had a problem. Correct fire starting procedures are important, dry cured wood, kindling, etc.

            One of the couples also has a WFO outdoors. Both are made from a competitor of Forno Bravo, but I quite sure that Forno Bravo has a number of their WFO's indoores also.

            If I was remodeling I would definitely put on inside, even though we have about 10 months of great weather a year here in southern Californai.

            James? Care to jump in and give us your insight on inside installations


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              Re: indoor installation :do they smoke

              Hi Richard,

              That all sounds right. You definitely can have indoor WF ovens, and we have a number of customers who have done that. Here is a response I wrote in another posting on indoor ovens that should be helpful.

              I've had an indoor oven, and used it all the time.


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