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Hello from Cairns, Australia

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  • Hello from Cairns, Australia


    After much surfing the web I must say this is the best online resource regarding Pizza Ovens.

    Would love a list of material suppliers in Australia for the Pompeii style Pizza oven, in Qld if possible as we are in the Far North of Australia.

    Since discovering this great site just two days ago, the plans for the new home we are about to build now include a foundation slab for a pizza oven, so we are inspired to learn as much as possible.

    We will be grateful for any information here in Australia.



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    Re: Hello from Cairns, Australia

    Welcome Robert

    Maybe this can be a post of recommendations from your mates down under. There seem to be a number who speak our language and then there's Jeff too! (although he's off to the wedding now)

    James, have you put any thought into a FB Australia store?
    ...but methinks it's a big place....
    sigpicTiempo para guzarlos..... ...enjoy every sandwich!


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      Re: Hello from Cairns, Australia

      Hi Robert ..............welcome to Forno Bravo. There is a mountain of general information on site and I'm sure there are some of our OZ members that can point you in the right direction for materials.


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        Re: Hello from Cairns, Australia

        Hey Robert,

        down here in Melbourne we have a fire brick supplier who manufactures and I believe will ship to anywhere. They are in Baccus Marsh. If you can't find a supplier in QLD let me know and i will get more details for you.

        There is an excellent (bot as good as this one!) site for a guy called RADO HAND who is in QLD and he designs ovens and has his own website. Great place to find local QLD suppliers.

        Best of luck with your house and build, I too had the builders lay the foundation slab for my oven during a reno.



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          Re: Hello from Cairns, Australia

          Hi Robert,

          I have just about finished my 42" Pompeii Oven. I considered having one built and then decided to build my own. Never regretted it!

          I found a wide range of suppliers through the internet but it took some work as they are sometimes difficult to 'Google' as they may not list your item in a searchable field.

          The Darley brickworks in Baccus Marsh can provide much of what you want BUT there is a delevery fee involved. Better to find a supplier or two nearer to Cairns.

          I found the Darley bricks of relatively poor quality (rounded edges/corners and a lighter weight) than the ones I eventually bought.

          The Littlehampton Brickworks (Sth Aust) also can supply bricks (various sizes and shapes) and mortar etc, but....

          I purchased my ordinary and tapered bricks, castable mortar (to fill gaps) , premixed fire mortar (to bond the bricks), Vermiculite and CalSil (calcium Silicate blanket) from a very helpful mob in Findon.

          Alphacon Industrial sales
          PO Box 57
          FINDON SA 5023
          Tel: (08) 8353 4181 Fax: (08) 8355 5459

          Ask for Frank Cavallaro.

          Good luck with the build!