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Help with new brick oven pizza business- dough, sheeter, etc.

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  • Help with new brick oven pizza business- dough, sheeter, etc.

    Starting a new brick oven business, cooking pizza. Trying to perfect sheeting and baking the pies. So much to learn. Any advice on working with dough? Our local bakery supplies us with fresh pizza dough. Sometimes in my sheeter/roller it will come out stretched out too much with holes in the dough. Other times perfect. When cooking having problems getting uncooked pie off the metal peeler/paddle. Parchment paper seemed to not allow dough to cook right on the bottom. Should I use a wooden paddle? Semolina flour instead of the all purpose flour? Also working on cooking enough but not too much. Any advice as I continue to practice, practice, practice.....?

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    Ahah, I barely left this hellish place and if I don’t even have money for food, I still will not return there. I had huge problems with the last boss because of his bad faith I did not receive payments regularly. Also, later I found out that he secretly from me changed my Service Level Aggregate . This is a very hypocritical act. At the moment I am looking for a new job and I think that sooner or later I will find something suitable. I have already signed a Service-Level Agreement contract with one person and soon I should start working. I would advise you to also use such contracts in order to avoid conflicts in the future. I've seen great samples at own pizzeria is my dream. I think you need to hire a good Manager)
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      That's why I don't like cooking) haha