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    Hi all,
    having been lurking for a few months gaining knowledge on building a brick pizza oven i felt it was time to introduce myself at the start of the work.

    I intend to build a 40"/1 metre oven at the side of the house. We have a small veg garden there at the minute but as we don't have a fixed bbq area I thought we'd make that area more productive.
    I need to remove the soil then dig down for the foundation slab. Type 1, aggregates and the digger is out the front ready to go.
    The area is just over 5 m2 and it's the raised section in front of the brown shed.

    We have our 50th birthday in July and are having a big party for it at the house (the weather needs to be good, it'll be held mostly in the garden). My intention is to get it done by then. :/
    We had a great May but the last week has been constant rain. I'd have dug it out myself but need that part done quickly in case it rains more.

    I'll make a time lapse movie of the build and most likely look to this forum for info as I go along. It's been very informative so far.

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    Welcome to the Forum. Here is a link to some of the more documented builds on the blog A July time frame is quite a stretch. I have seen ovens built in this time frame but more the exception than the rule but have at it.
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      Welcome Indy and happy upcoming 50th birthday! As Russell noted above, getting an oven built from the ground up in less than two months is going to be challenging. I was involved in setting up a modular Casa2G90 oven "from the ground up" and we had it functional in that time period--but all we had to do was build the foundation and set the cast oven pieces on top. You will really need to have a solid plan, materials, and required equipment on hand (and be prepared for long days) to build your own oven from brick & mortar in this time frame.

      No shame in having a partially completed oven to show off during your party (and possibly line up some help to complete it ). Also you might think about using your birthday party as the time to plan with your friends when to schedule the first pizza party...when the oven's completed with their help . With the rain potential in Glasgow, make sure you have some sort of cover that will allow you to work in wet weather.

      We're all hoping for your success and will try to help answer your questions...just don't wear yourself out to the point that you can't enjoy the party! Remember, with building a WFO it really is about the journey as much (if not more) than the destination.
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