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how long does it take to build a 36'' oven

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  • how long does it take to build a 36'' oven

    I am in the planning stage of a 36" oven. Would like to know how long it would take to complete. or number of hours.


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    I don't think there is definite answer to such a question!
    Perhaps a professional & experienced brick layer could construct one in 50 hours or a totally inexperienced builder might take three years!
    Buying a kit or a pre cast dome will be quicker than building a brick oven but it will also depend on the style of base you plan, even the soil you build it on will define the depth of the foundation.
    You would have to give a lot more info about your design & your capabilitys


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      My build took me roughly 300 hrs give or take. And I would say the base and dome were about half that time. I am in construction as a commercial/ industrial electrician so I do build stuff and have pros I can ask questions, but it still takes a fair amount of time. And depends on your vision of the oven.



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        IF you know what you are doing, you can construct the dome oven in a couple days. (relatively fine joints and plenty of fat mud to fill gaps that are hard to eliminate) If you are familiar with construction, you can construct the base foundation and support slab in a couple of days, provided it is a simple design. Finally the exterior finish is the most variable because it can be as simple as three or four coats of rendering over the insulation or it can be a small house with all the detail of walls, roof, flashing and siding.
        These numbers are for an experienced builder who is doing this as a day job and probably includes a helper of some ability. The actual time an inexperienced person working in the evenings and on weekends will take is probably 6 times as long and realistically 10 times more.

        The learning curve is steep, the labor is hard, the technical aspects are intimidating...the reward is worth it!
        The cost of living continues to skyrocket, and yet it remains a popular choice.