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  • Hi from Fife

    Getting on in years and have always loved cooking.. Went to the dentist and saw a pizza oven in one of the magazines.. Decided that we could do that !!! Looked at all the different ways to build one, and decided on pompeii style. Started it last Monday and put the dome onto the plinth today and can't wait to give it a try !!!

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    Congrats, need pics please


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      Yes indeed, it would be good to see some pics, I'm just laying out the floor and beginning to think I'm way out of my comfort zone.


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        Sorry not to have replied before as I am new to forums and I only noticed today that there had been replies to my post...

        I'll happily send in some pics as soon as it stops raining


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          Welcome to the forum. You're already have a functioning oven and you're only on post #4, that is impressive! I'm at 50+ posts and i've only gotten two courses of my bricks laid for my oven.
          I'm really enjoying this project and am not sure whether i'm getting more enjoyment from building than i will eventually get from using the oven!
          David in Calgary
          My Build Thread


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            Here are my photo as promised.... I made a mistake with the door... I had made it (minus the handle - I hadn't got around to it yet) as I forgot to allow for the depth of the compo that the pizza oven was sitting on top of so I'll have to make another one.... I would have posted it in the 'pizza oven' photos but it says 'brick' and mine is made with cement based mediums... We are in the middle of making a counter-top using 2 porcelain floor tiles... Hubby wasn't able to curve the jig saw to make a very good flame emblem at the front but I'll get him to try again on something other than 18mm ply...

            Thank you for your interest.- I am off to make dinner... It is now raining so it has be the cooker !


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              Great looking oven. What material did you use for the chimney and what type of finish is on it?


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                Hi Sriceky, I used a 4" stainless steel flu liner. I haven't covered it as I wasn't sure if a covering would crack...I used the cat's dish as a lid as it is terracotta and he'll not notice !!! It just won't stop raining for me to use it and I haven't worked out how I am going to build a shelter for it.

                Thank you for your comments.