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About to commence a build in Lincolnshire

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  • About to commence a build in Lincolnshire

    Hi all, very soon I will be commencing a build in Lincolnshire in an old barn I am having refurbished. The property has a courtyard which is just crying out for a pizza oven. Have followed this forum for a while now so can't wait to get started.

    Does anyone have a suggestion for the best saw in the U.K. to cut fire brick with?

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    IMHO, A wet saw with at least a 10" preferably a 12" blade would be ideal. Any less than this diameter does not have the blade depth to cut standard fire brick in one pass. Wet saws reduce the emission of the silica dust from the fire bricks. That said, I have seen some people use dry blade miter saws, not advisable, but works. I have also seen some decent ovens built with a old hammer and brick bolster. It is what your budget can handle, look for a second hand brick saw. There are several UK builds on this site, do a search or go to the regional build section to look at these threads to see what saws they used. JONV did a very nice UK build, look at his thread.
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