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  • MikeC1231 Introduction

    Hello to All,
    i am Mike from Ormond Beach, Florida. I am 65 years old and love to cook. I started reading about WFO on Pinterest and found many links to this site. I have not yet started my build but have lots of DIY experience building "stuff" but not masonry. I would welcome any advice and especially some directional links to good performing ~40" dome ovens. Also anyone from the central Florida area that could help direct me to some good outlets for supplies as just the shipping from California was over $600.!!!
    thanks for the advice in advance

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    Most all of us are DIY and many without any masonry experience.

    First, download the e-plans from Forno Bravo, the plans are a little dated but a good baseline for planing and overall scope of the project. The plans are only 3 bucks.

    Second, go to this link on the forum, it shows some of the more documented builds.

    After you get a feel for material requirements, you can do a google search for "refractory suppliers" in your area, some are Distribution International, Harbison Walker and a local contractor building supply (not your big box stores).
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