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New Oven... Not hot enough. Help!

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  • New Oven... Not hot enough. Help!

    Hello here.

    Just built a pretty decent looking 36" dome oven. It was built with lot of knowledge shared in this forum (Thank you to all), learning from Youtube and lots of improvisation.
    Oven is built with re-used / re-purposed material... except things like fire mortar or concrete. Built everything -from foundation to tiling - within 3 months period, by myself. Will share built pics if anybody interested.

    I have question.. after firing a couple of times. the oven does not get hot enough. My friend who has smaller clay oven can bake pizza within 90 seconds for the first 2-3 pizzas. Mine would take about 3-5 mins at best.. I burned wood for approx 1.5 to 2 hours. starting small then larger flames. What can be done to make the oven hotter? burn wood for longer period of time? or make bigger fires?
    I will know the exact temperature of the hearth or dome later on. just ordered the laser thermometer online.

    I believe the problem is not with insulation. Have 6 inches of perlite cement on hearth, On dome, used 50 ft of ceramic fiber blank and six bag of perlite cement.. plus stucco (to waterproof a bit).. and then travertine tiles on the outside. after 1.5 hours of burning fire.. the outside and bottom of the dome is cold like stone. Hence insulation seems to be ok.

    The design of oven is somewhat average.. it is kind of hybrid between Tuscan and Naples-style oven.. not too tall.. and chimney is at the front. The second picture shows height of dome. The dome is constructed with bricks is cut half.
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    Fair chance a couple of firing isn't enough to completely dry your oven. Needed about 10 "big scary" fires to get mine cranking. The photos don't seem to show any insulation?


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      P-Crete is notorious for retaining water,with 6" under the floor it will take several firings to get the water out. A couple firing will not cure the oven. Keep at it.
      Build Link............... Picassa Photo Album Link


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        I found the type of wood and dryness of the wood heavily influenced my temps. Not sure whats best but I had good luck with very seasoned and dry Oak...