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Oven Enclosure Materials - Suggestions?

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  • Oven Enclosure Materials - Suggestions?

    I'm trying to figure out what to enclose my outdoor clay oven with. The oven will be sitting on 4" of concrete, +3" of sand, +4" of concrete. It will have an insulation blanket and I'll fill the enclosure with perlite. Back to the enclosure - I'm thinking of covering the oven with a round horse trough or using metal studs, cement siding boards and a metal roof. My question - will this work or do I need something like cinder block for a thermal mass?

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    I don't think thermal mass outside the insulation will accomplish anything. Main thing you probably have to worry about are the codes with respect to distance of flammable materials from the oven and chimney-- and, of course, keeping your insulation dry. That pretty much dictates steel studs and a fire resistant sheathing layer. Metal walls and roof will be fine.
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