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  • Hello from Texas


    im a new member based just north of Houston TX. Iíve recently completed my new home and now working on pool and outdoor kitchen design plans and I want a pizza oven as the focal point. Joining the forums to learn more. I travel for work so DIY is not my thing, and looking for a FB completed oven, or a kit that I can have a contractor build onsite. Would love any recommendations.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Our forum host Forno Bravo, make some really nice turnkey units so it a matter of budget on which model works best for you.

    Build Link............... Picassa Photo Album Link


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      Welcome Greg! As Russell noted above, Forno Bravo is a good choice for you (IMHO)...lots of different models and options, all designed to make it pretty straightforward to "get on with the pizza". All the WFO offered by FB have pretty very well tested by a wide range of people (who are very happy with the product). There is a topic section of the forum that's dedicated to installing and using the modular ovens (and other types) that is worth a look. Have you thought about how you might use the WFO? If it's going to be used for parties or just you...size matters here. If you really want to think about a turnkey unit, then also consider the options that include a gas burner. I'm pretty sure some of those units function pretty well with gas, wood, or a combination...handy if you don't want to get involved managing a wood pile

      You will need to think about where to place the oven...you'll want relatively easy access to the kitchen (or be building sinks and larger counter space...and possibly electricity for a small adult beverage refrigerator ). No matter whether you choose to buy an oven with a metal stand (with wheels) or the single unit to place on a permanent stand, you'll need to think about a designated area on a concrete slab...even these cast ovens are pretty heavy. You also might want to think about some sort of cover so you can entertain out of the sun or rain .

      Be careful if you have a contractor build an oven from scratch for you. We've had quite a few folks on the forum that hired an "experienced contractor" to build them an oven...and it turned out the oven design and components were sadly lacking. Others have had success going this route...but it's definitely a place that you need to know the basics of the modern WFO to oversee the project or have seen completed ovens and talked to people who have used that WFO builder.

      Don't be afraid to ask questions here...lots of help and experience on the topic.

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