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  • Greetings From Royersford PA

    I love to bake, and have decided that I want to build a brick oven in the backyard, assuming the township will allow it.

    I'm still in the designing and planning stages...can someone tell me the advantages/disadvantages of a round oven versus an arched vault oven. I want to bake both pizzas and bread.



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    Re: Greetings From Royersford PA

    Welcome aboard Joe,

    You've come to the right place! There are quite a few posts on the differences between barrel vault and round ovens, and you can start here:

    You can also check out various other sticky postings in the Newbie section. If I could summarize, wood-fired brick ovens are just about the coolest thing on the planet. :-) The whole process of building an oven, and then firing it and making great bread, food and pizza is wonderful.

    Take lots of photos and ask lots of questions. You local building department should not have problem with your oven. If you follow local fire and safety codes, you will be in good shape.

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      Re: Greetings From Royersford PA

      My Township didn't even know what I was talking about. Wound up telling them it was an outdoor bbq about 6'x5' and all the official said was, "Wow, a big one, there's no codes so have fun and good luck."


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        Re: Greetings From Royersford PA

        Joef John,
        The decision is how much pizza vs. bread? If you only want to do 4 -6 loaves of bread at a time, the pompeii pizza oven will work fine for you. If you somewhere deep down inside want to do 30 loaves of bread on a single firing, then you should continue to ask questions.
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