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First Oven Build in Dunrobin, Ont, Canada

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  • First Oven Build in Dunrobin, Ont, Canada


    Just found this site and I am very grateful - lots to learn and I don't want to make too many mistakes on such a big project.
    Looking forward to getting this done before snow falls.

    thanks in advance for your help.


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    Really hope you came out of the latest weather unscathed...


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      Thanks for asking - yes our family was very fortunate - the tornado missed us by a km..... which is far in terms of damage. I live in a small rural town of Dunrobin and it was hit directly. 60 families homes were destroyed completely or designated unsafe for occupancy. That is a large number for such a small town. We are grateful that no one was killed - that is a miracle in itself given how strong the tornado was. You would not believe the damage done in such a short period of time. Lots of rebuilding ahead. Power was out for just about 3 days - I was wishing my pizza oven was complete as it would have been used by the whole neighbourhood. Makes me think it would be a good thing to have in towns - a communal oven. Again, thanks for asking and I hope your town was not impacted either.