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Building my first oven in Australia

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  • Building my first oven in Australia

    Hi everyone, I am so happy to come across this site. There is loads of information at my fingertips. I am building my first oven. I am not a very experienced builder but have a ‘can do’ attitude and have seen my dad and brother build heaps of stuff (does that count?). My husband seems to think I can’t pull this project off so I am more determined then ever to build this oven and build it well. My most pertinent question at the moment has to do with preventing rising damp issues (I have cut into a hill (sloping down)) and imagine I will be using some sort of a moisture barrier. Cheers, Yvonne

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    Welcome to the Forum. If you have not already done so, download the ePlans from Forno Bravo store, it is a great baseline for oven design and construction with up to date and more innovative techniques on the forum site. The plans are inexpensive, $2-3 USD and electronic. Second, go to this link on the web page, it is some of the more documented pompeii builds done over the years.

    Third, look at the regional section, they are quite a few southern hemi builds and a good resource for materials and ideas unique to your end of the world.

    I know how hard and expensive some materials are to procure in Aussie land. Look around for surplus materials in the local classifieds.

    Lastly, with patience and determination, you can build one of these ovens. There have been several done this year where the builder had little or no experience. We on the forum are here to help you succeed.

    Just recently there was a build where the builder placed his oven into the hill side, there have been several others as well.
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      Yvonne, welcome to the forum and good luck on your project. A bit of work but worth the effort. Hopefully your husband is willing to pitch in and not just take a hands off approach. There were plenty of times I needed a helping hand (or more) and if I had to build my oven totally by myself it would have taken quite a bit longer. Lots of the work is "one person" but when it comes to pouring concrete or trying to handle both sides of a long board help is good!
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