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Increasing Thermal Mass

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  • Increasing Thermal Mass

    Learned scholars, as mentioned numerous times, the downfall of my Stainless build is heat retention. Currently I have 2" of High temp insulation in the space between the inner stainless oven roof, and the outer shell.
    I can cook in the oven, but obviously I do not have a large cooking time window as the oven cools pretty rapidly (unless I keep a fire going).
    That being said, I have thought about removing the insulation and filling the void with something more substantial to retain heat.
    I was thinking about filling the space (about 1.6 cubic ft) with sand, would that be any better in terms of retaining heat .
    I know it will never be as good as a "real" oven, but for a "dabbler" like myself, I like it.
    Suggestions ??


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    Hi Andy,

    There are others on this forum with much greater experience than I. You have two issues going on. The first is insulation. Sand is not your answer, but thermal blanket material would. It usually comes in rolls of 50 sq. ft and an inch thick. The insulation ability is exceptional. Although available from many sources, check out the information provided on this forum:

    Thermal mass is achieved by increasing the amount of stuff that can be heated. Firebrick and refractory mortar fit this bill. You would have to place your oven on a bed of firebrick (for the thermal mass), that firebrick placed upon CaSi (or similar) 2 inch board for insulation. You would then need to cover the outside of your oven with firebrick to add the thermal mass you desire.

    In my humble opinion, I think your SS oven is very cool. Keep making pizza with what you have, and build a brick wood fired oven with the insulation and thermal mass you desire. This is the place to gain the information. If you are tempted I suggest you download and read the Forno Bravo Pompeii Oven build instructions, several times. Then go to the collection of builds compiled on the Newbie Forum by lburuo:

    Regardless, you're making pizza now. All is good!



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      Cory, many thanks for your reply.
      I will keep the oven the way it is, I was thinking I could easily remove the outer skin, and change the existing insulation to the thermal blanket material.
      The current insulation is more like fibreglass batts, rated for very high temp.

      I think I feel another build coming !!!! lol