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  • Rendering Dome

    Hi All

    Being new to the wood fired oven community, I have inherited this oven following the purchase of a new house last year.

    I would like to put something over the top to “smooth and fill” the cracks and then paint, can I use any mortar and paint?

    Any advice is really appreciated.



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    A little bit hard to tell without some pics and report on its operation and performance. If the oven has not been insulated both under and over, as one I recently attempted to fire, then it will be pretty much useless. I suggest you fire it up and see if you can get it up to a usable temperature. That is with the black carbon burnt off the interior. At this point the supporting slab should only be warm underneath, not hot. That will indicate whether there is insulation between the supporting slab and the cooking floor. Likewise the outer shell should be warm not hot. The firing should also expel much of any trapped water in the oven. You could then fill the cracks with a 100% acrylic render which has better elasticity than a cement render, then coat the whole oven in the same material. Watering it down 20% allows you to apply by painting it on. Try to get at least 2 mm thickness or more over the whole dome.
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      Hi David

      Thank you for your response. I really appreciate it. Apologies the pictures did not upload, I did them via my mobile phone.
      I have reattached them below.

      I will also get it lit and see what happens with the heat. Was also thinking I could perhaps cover it in mosaic tiles if all is okay?