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Casting over sand

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  • Casting over sand

    Hello all,
    I am looking for some advice. I have been enticed by the DIY Vermicrete/Perlite ovens. However, having got lost in these forums for hours now, I have come to you all for some help if possible! I want this to work well and have come to David's idea of using 50/50 crushed firebrick, castable, with ss needle reinforcing. I have found sources for all of this in the UK.

    So far - my base is going be an insulating layer of perlite and portland cement. On top of that, I have sourced some second hand storage heater firebricks. This is what the oven will be built upon. I then want to build the oven around a sand dome. Will it mould by hand around that? I really can't afford a fire brick build! So, I'm thinking of using David's crushed firebrick mix above. Would you say that this would be a good way forward? Would it hold and be a good initial layer closest to the pizza. I thought about skimming it with refractory mortar/cement?

    Hoping to make the dome around 80 cm (32 inch) diameter.

    So - here would be my layers - David's mix, then a ceramic blanket coating, then a perlite and portland cement mix, then finished off with a white stucco layer/broken tiles

    Thank you in advance. A lot of questions I know but really appreciate the feedback!!

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    No, what you want is the home brew mix. I used crushed firebrick for my kiln, but that is for double the temp of a WFO. See my pm to you.
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      cnegrelli has a well documented cast build over a sand form. I canít seem to copy and paste the link, but if you search the forum for Longmont, CO new WFO build youíll get it.
      Kindled with zeal and fired with passion.


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        Great, Thanks again David.