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Greetings from the west coast

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  • Greetings from the west coast

    Greetings to you all, and thank you for the great forum as well as Forno Bravo for hosting such a rich source of
    collaborative information.
    I started my wood fired pizza oven journey April 10, 2019 and so far I have the foundation, stand and hearth slab completed.

    Reinforced concrete top is 4"h x 65"w 78"d.
    I am going for a igloo oven 38-42" depending on forum advise etc. if I determine I have enough room for a 42" I will. After much thought on the cook floor rather then verm/cement hearth sub I will be going the 2" Foamglas and 1-1/2" Thermo 12 Gold route and f-brick, I have a local Distrbution International and ordered the foam and casil boards today, I have already acquired 250 medium fire bricks from Craig's list.

    Attached pic is where I'm at today. Making templets next wail waiting on foamgals and calsil boards...
    Confidence is high and looking forward to the end result of making pizzas and whatever other concoctions can be had.

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    Welcome Oceanrover,

    You have made a good start, your workmanship seems very good nice and tidy,
    I think a 42'' would be the way to go, it should fit snug on the base you have made
    My first oven was a 48''
    They do take a bit more wood though, so if you have a good wood supply go for it

    Cheers Doug


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      Karangi Dude, thank you. Yes it will be snug and I got wood, thanks for the post.