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Lurking for months, time to finally introduce myself.

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  • Lurking for months, time to finally introduce myself.

    Hello! Guess I should start with who I am. My name is Kyler. I am a 100% disabled USMC vet with a life long pizza obsession. I mention that I am disabled because that's actually what brings me here. I have tried doing the whole "just be retired early" thing and it's eating my soul. I can't hold a real job (No boss could put up with me just not being able to show up, or having to leave for reasons that don't make sense to them.) The only option really is to try running my own business in an environment I feel I can develop systems that allow me to function, and that I enjoy enough to want to push myself. So upon the advice of my family and therapist, I am following a dream/passion and starting my first business: a pizzeria (sort of, a food trailer, but still)

    Because I can't afford to \buy most things from the manufactures I would like too (a Forno Bravo oven for example), I have had to adapt and overcome. I'm building my oven using the Bella as my inspiration, and I figured you folks might like to hear about it/yell at me for the things I get wrong so I can (hopefully) fix them. After about a month and a half of planning./gathering supplies, my build starts tomorrow.

    I will be documenting my journey for any who are interested. I'll write-thru the oven aspect of the build here once I find the right place to do so, and I'm putting up short video's on my business's Instagram and eventually youtube of the entire trailer build/updates on how running my business goes.

    Looking forward to chatting more with you all, wish you the very best of luck on all your projects!
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