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  • Oven floor and door

    Hello All! I started my build before becoming aware of the great resources available in this forum. After reviewing some posts I'm questioning myself and wondering if I should make a change...

    The oven in 34" inside diameter. I have used 1.25" split bricks for the floor of the oven whereas I see most ovens using full 2.5" bricks on the floor. Below the bricks I have the 2" insulation board from FB and below that a 3.5" reinforced concrete slab. Are the split bricks seriously deficient for the floor? The dome is still open and I could replace the removable floor bricks with full ones and place a second layer of 1.25" bricks at the locations where they could not be removed because they extend under the walls. If I did this I would make my somewhat undersized door opening even smaller. Currently the arch door is 16" wide and 10.75" high. With the thicker door height would be only 9.5". What do you think?

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    I depends of how you want to use the oven, splits are on the light side for a floor, so the ability to store heat will not be a good as a full thickness 2.5-2.75" floor. At least you did good by install 2" of insulation board underneath (I am assuming it is either CaSi or AlSi board. If you are just planning of doing pizzas for a party and as concerned about multi-day cooking, then the splits should work, you may need to recharge the floor periodically if you have a large party (raking coals over cooking area to reheat). If you go with adding a second split layer, the oven opening will less than optimal (63% best vs 56%) but again it will work, it may limit you pan size if you have enough heat for secondary cooking. So you need to decide what is best for you. PS, FB cast ovens use 2" refractory tiles, so you are kinda close.
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