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Greetings from Thailand

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  • Greetings from Thailand

    Hello all,

    Amazing wealth of knowledge here, many thanks for the resource.

    As the story goes here, I've decided to give up my day job and follow a passion to own a small family run pizzeria. Whilst the eventual dream is somewhat down the line, the project starts at home with the construction of a 36" Pompeii oven.

    I have managed to source all the construction materials and am now weighing up where to position the oven - whether to do a stand alone structure in the garden or to incorporate the oven into an outdoor kitchen with BBQ, Tandoor oven and work spaces.

    I've provisionally called the project 'Rome wasn't built in a day'. My handyman construction skills are limited but with the help of a neighbour whose background is engineering and the input from forum members I am confident we can realize the dream.

    Hope to connect with you guys over the coming weeks and months.



    My Build:

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    Best of luck to you. Keep us posted.
    My Build:

    "Believe that you can and you're halfway there".