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almost ready to go in Chicago

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  • almost ready to go in Chicago

    Hi Everyone, this forum is really a fantastic resource, I am getting close to getting started on an oven in Chicago, I am pretty much committed to proceeding with a 36" dia oven on a solid limestone stand (built from salvaged foundation material) oven enclosure yet to be determined, I plan to build the higher tuscan dome type, which seems a bit more suited to my needs, (and maybe more fun to build?) I'd be interested in hearing about other ovens in urban city yards.



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    Re: almost ready to go in Chicago

    Congratulations, and have fun with your project. Its a little unnerving to plunge into these uncharted waters (I had NO building experience whatever), but it is so satisfying to cook in an oven that you built yourself and see what artistic flair arises in the process. Good luck


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      Re: almost ready to go in Chicago

      The challenge to urban constructors is chimney height. Code calls for 2 feet above anything within 10 feet, and population density would mean low chimney = irate neighbors. Urban building inspectors have less of a laise-faire attitude, as well.

      I'm in a fairly dense inner suburb. My chimney is twenty feet off the ground.
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