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Stacking pizza oven over LP fireplace?

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  • Stacking pizza oven over LP fireplace?

    I wonder if anyone has ever installed a FB Premio 100 pizza oven (or other model) with a LP fireplace insert below (rather than the optional firewood box)? Space is not so much the issue as venting two appliances is. We were hopeful to put both in same area, stacked upon each other. These will be installed in a covered porch area outside.

    We're new to the pizza oven community and would appreciate any ideas and/or suggestions. Thanks!

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    Re: Stacking pizza oven over LP fireplace?

    Hi Beth
    I'm from Kingston WA
    I'm not sure exactly what your planning but the two units generally vent at opposite ends. Two chimney are required per code.
    Any way I'm just on the other end of my project ...its pretty fun


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      Re: Stacking pizza oven over LP fireplace?

      Is the LP fireplace already installed? Check the manufacturers website for installation instructions (or instruction manual if you have it)and venting requirements. Some vented fireplaces go to a 'bell' behind the fireplace and do not need a conventional chimney.