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Hi from Ontario Canada

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  • Hi from Ontario Canada

    Hi, glad to join the group. I'm about to start to build my first pizza oven. Going to build a 36in Pompeii oven. First question, lol can I use a low level firebrick 2 1/2 thick or do I need medium grade? Thanks Roger

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    Hi Roger!

    From Southern Ontario - the Hammer! Just finished the footings and about to build foundation - excited to start as well!
    Roger, I found the forum and other research suggests the best is the medium grade firebrick. The heat maxes in it are Goldilocks - not too hot, not too thin!
    Go with medium and you'll be "just right!"

    Good luck on your build - I'll be posting my stuff soon - I'll look forward to following my fellow Ontarian!

    All the best!
    You are welcome to visit my build HERE


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      Hi, I'm done building my oven, happy how it turned out
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