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Shoot from the hip South West build

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  • Shoot from the hip South West build

    Hello All,

    Long time lurker first time Pizza Oven builder. I'm a Business Intelligence Manager by day and a beer-drinking DIYer by nights and weekends. I am calling this the shoot from the hip build because I did not really plan anything. I am just going with the flow and if its not perfect that's okay with me. Its the fun of building it and problem solving that I enjoy. I'm taking the approach from the movie The Martian" solve one problem at a time.

    My name is Thomas and I live in Albuquerque NM. Here are some pics of my progress so far and I will continue to add as I get time to build.

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    Trying to figure out the best way to share Progress pictures.


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      picture size limited to about 1.25 mg and abt 5 per thread or you can link to a Google photo album in your signature block. Just a work of caution, there becomes a point where design on the fly can cause you some fatal flaws that are not recoverable without extensive cost, labor, or time to correct. I suggest you post to the forum and review threads on the blog to keep you out of trouble.
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        I don't see the "Help" button anymore. Here is a link to vBulletin's Help page.

        How do I share photos?

        You may share photos in any forum, group, or blog for which you have permission to do so. If you see the "Share Photos" button, represented by the camera icon, in the editor you may click on it either when creating a new topic or posting a reply.

        You may attach photos (or any image) to a post either by uploading new files or attaching images you previously uploaded.

        To upload new photos press the Upload button and browse to the images you wish to upload. You may add multiple images by using standard "shift & click" or "control & click" options to select multiple files. To upload additional images press Upload More, otherwise press Continue.

        To attach previously uploaded images press Select from Photo Album. On the next screen select from available photo albums on the left and chose one or more images on the right by checking the box corresponding to the thumbnail you want. Press Continue when done.

        If you've attached existing images press Continue again to return to the main editor.

        If you haven't already you may new enter some text in the message area.

        When finished press Post or Post Reply to post the shared photos.

        Note: if you are sharing more than several photos only a few thumbnails will be visible in the initial post. There is no way for you to increase the number of thumbnails shown in a post.
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          Starts with a dream


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            Here is a link to all the slab pour photos.
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              After pouring the slab at the end I did not like how ugly the patio was. Asked a contractor to resurface they said they would have to tear out and repour for $4800 dollars. I instead got a grinder, ground out cracks and refilled them then stained the concrete. i think it was around $250 to do that.



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                Wife and were thinking you cannot have a pizza without fresh herbs so i added this herb garden.



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                  Here are photos of the base build. I dry stacked a few times but every other cell is filled with rebar and concrete. There is even horizontal rebar and pour at the top. Decided i want a Santa Maria Grill on the side. I did drill in rebar anchors into the slab.



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                    Had to stop with the Pizza oven and build a Patio Cover. We saved over 4K doing it ourselves.



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                      This weekend hoping to pour the top slab and put up stone veneer. Broke my hand so moving a little slower. But its getting closer.



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                        Doing some nice work there.
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                          Thanks UtahBeehiver ! I am hoping to have a bunch more progress this weekend. The i can order my insulation which i will do from here on Forno Bravo. I also need to order my fire bricks but i'm trying to figure out how many i will need for a 36 inch dome.


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                            Poured the top with the wifes help. Now i need to get the brick and insulation. This weekend i'll put up the stone venneer.



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                              Here are some more progress pics. I was able to get almost all of my stone veneer up. I need to do some touch up where some of the cuts were. Basically doing all corners with that Veneer was a pain. I will keep working on the grill box until my insulation comes in for the oven floor.