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Hello! Planning Oven Design - Bouncing Ideas

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  • UtahBeehiver
    Have you downloaded and reviewed the free eplans from Forno Bravo store site. It is a dated but good baseline for designing and constructing an oven.

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  • otherworld
    started a topic Hello! Planning Oven Design - Bouncing Ideas

    Hello! Planning Oven Design - Bouncing Ideas

    Hello World!

    Fell into the wood fire oven rabbit hole. Now obsessed with building the ultimate outdoor cook station. I live in Southern Ontario and will try to use my introduction post as a way to consolidate ideas into a single thread, where hopefully they will be widely critiqued (pros/cons/fail).

    The station will consists of a 1) wood fire oven, ergo here I am, 2) smoker, 3) wood/charcoal BBQ, the most straightforward design/build part. I've seen a few utubers upload projects which incorporated #2 into #1. But first, the bricks/dome.

    Im considering approaching the dome build using individually formed clay bricks (cause I have the time), so they can be "slotted" and held in place by gravity & compression, on top of which the insulation and exterior layer will be added. Im thinking this could be done by framing the dome with multiple sections using 1/4 or 1/8" plywood to create the individual brick moulds, which would be filled with fire clay. So 2 questions:
    - should mortar still be used/required?
    - if so, would a surface coat of mortar over the surface be sufficient?
    - can fire clay be cured through the process of using the oven?

    Thanks everyone and very excited about bouncing around ideas! Hopefully a few engineers drop by and throw-down some mad-math proofs