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Hello! I am about to start on a crazy ride!

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  • Hello! I am about to start on a crazy ride!

    My wife and I are new to Pizza Ovens (as owners), but after traveling to Italy, we both fell in love with their use of these on a daily basis. I am starting my design, and believe I will be doing a 42" Pizza oven/Fireplace combo in my backyard as the center piece/focal point of the yard. I am excited, but know that this is going to be a long process! I have been searching these forums to gain as much knowledge as I can, and I grabbed a copy of the Pompeii instructions from the Forno Bravo store.

    My question, at this point is on the foundation size. Looking at the instructions, there are two different size foundation pads listed. One on page 13, stating for a 42" oven the foundation should be 73"x86", and then on page 66 in Appendix 1 it says for a 42" oven that the foundation is 80"x94". This has confused me about which size pad I need, and or should use?

    I have searched, but with the sheer volume of posts here it gets a bit overwhelming! Thank you again for accepting us in, and I am looking forward to sharing this journey with you all!

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    There is some inconsistency on dimensions in the eplans. You just have to sketch things out since it depends on the amount of insulation, final coating, in a structure or not, type of base coating (ie rock, brick, stucco).

    You say fireplace oven, I would caution placing the fireplace under the oven better adjacent to or another part of the build. Due to you can't use the oven if there is a fire going in the fire place, Also venting of the fireplace conflicts with the oven.

    Go to the Newbie Section, under the Sticky, there is a thread called Treasure Archives, here some on the more documented builds are linked.

    FYI, I build a 42" corner build. It is a really large oven and really not effective to fire up for a coupe pizzas, It gets used for "Party" get togethers and since Covid 19 it sits idle.
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      Thank you for the clarification. I was fairly certain that was what I was seeing.

      I am not placing the Fire Place under the oven, next to it is what I had for a vision. I will put them side by side (about 10 to 12 feet total width) with the chimneys coming up together to a common top? I am not sure if I am conveying what we are thinking.

      I will check out that thread. I have been devouring the threads as fast as I can. I am getting ready to break out the welder and start fabricating a IT for my build. I am trying to get all the lessons learned and best practices together now!

      I am curios about your 42" then. Reading the plans, it seems to suggest bigger is better if you can manage it. I was initially thinking a 36" oven, so that I could save on depth space. I think I may revisit that then if you are saying that if it is to be primarily for pizzas it may not be worth the extra cost/space.

      Thanks again!


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        Before you weld the IT up why don't you post a sketch. There are some key components to an IT design that are critical to working correctly. Bigger is not always better. On the opposite end of the spectrum we have David S with his small cast ovens, ie 27 incher +/- then some 48 inchers plus. Bigger ovens take more fuel. Any size oven can get multiday cooking out of it with effecient floor and dome insulation.
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          For perspective, I've used my 42 in. oven on average at least once a week since it became operational in May.
          Granted I'm still in the 'honeymoon' phase, but I think I'll continue to use it regularly as time progresses.

          I do go through some firewood. I have probably 2/3 of my second $100 load of almond left. I'm guessing it might take $10 to get my cold oven to temp. I might try to quantify that some day.
          Good luck.
          - George

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