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Winging a new build, have questions on floor slab

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  • Winging a new build, have questions on floor slab

    Hi folks! My father and I are attempting to build the base this summer for the pizza dome, and we are increasingly confused as to how to build the floor slab. The walls are built, we have a beautiful front arch for wood storage, and we are formed for the next phase. Our plan was to pour a structural slab (60x72), with the center hollowed out. Meaning, the slab on the edges are 8.5" thick, but a 53" center circle is only 3.5" thick.

    The oven is 40" internal, with walls ~7" thick. underneath, we were planning to pour 3.5" of vermicrete, a thin lay of sand, and fire brick on top. But we didn't factor in how weak the vermicrete is! if we terminate the oven walls on this vermicrete layer, is the oven too heavy?? Is this a thick enough layer for insulation? If using fiberboard instead (have no idea where to find it) can that take the weight, or does in have to go below the floor only?

    Second question: we have a leftover piece of granite countertop that we were planning on using in the mouth of the oven and across the 60" width. Is this a good idea?
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