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  • Here we go!

    Well it’s time to build a real pizza oven, last one was only out of brick 1 layer thick 12 years ago and lasted 2years before cracks won. I’m not sure which one to build yet but looking more and more at the Pompeii oven 36”

    let me know what I should build live in sw Missouri and owned a bbq catering for 20 plus years now its time to make pizza and relax
    “ If you don’t try , you already failed”

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    Welcome Lou,

    The oven you build is entirely up to you and depends on what your looking to do with it such as just pizza or retained heat cooking and even big bread bakes. I myself have a 36" Pompeii hemispheric dome and it's perfect for me...I live outside Chicago so winters can be rough at times so I enclosed it. I wanted retained heat cooking after a pizza night so I have 3" of blanket on the oven and I filled the enclosure with perlite for more R value. The oven retains heat very well and I could not be more happier. This forum is a great resource with great people helping with questions and dos and don'ts.

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      Rick very nice build and it’s funny your build is my want that I’m looking for, I will be leaning on your knowledge when it comes to the chimney

      im going to use a metal stand for my foundation and cover it in cement board with veneer rock.

      i have 3 x3 x 1/4 angle iron to use for legs and cross supports every 2 ft on sides and middle set on 2 ft concrete pillars in the ground I hope that will work.
      “ If you don’t try , you already failed”