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  • Hello from St. Catharines

    Thanks to Forno Brovo and all the great folks on this forum.
    I'm putting plans together for my 39" corner build next year. I've read most all your posts and feel I have just enough knowledge to be dangerous. Over the fall and winter, hopefully I can refine my plans and become more comfortable with this endeavor.I can turn my hand to most things but concrete and brick is certainly not my strong suit.
    Thanks for allowing me in and thanks again for letting me glean the vast knowledge base that you have going here.

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    Welcome to the forum, make sure you post pictures of your journey and good luck. Try not to overthink and worry, it's not as hard as it looks....he says still building his own
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      I believe JR Pizza, one of our moderators, did a nice job on a 39 inch oven, incorporating a tapered inner arch as well as his plans are CAD based and he shares the files readily.
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        Thanks guys, I've been lurking and copying ideas (including JR Pizza's) for a few weeks now. I started a trial layout on cardboard today and maybe should downsize to a 36"' oven. Unless my measurements are flawed, 45" od oven + 2" blanket insulation (4") + 3" vermiculite (6") looks like I'm 55" od. Then because it's a corner build I'll need almost 40" across the front of the vent for a decorative arch, I may be pressed for space. I'm going to layout my cardboard next to my existing outdoor kitchen tomorrow and see how it looks. I have all winter to solidify the plan but we all know how quickly that time can melt away. I really appreciate the help and support the guys on this forum provide. Once I get underway you can be sure I'll start attaching pics.


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          GFI , Not sure if you are using standard half brick shell construction (4.5"), but if you are the brick OD would be 48" not 45" for a 39" ID.
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            Hi JR,
            Thanks for your help. Yes was thinking 1/2 bricks but the measurements I gave was for 36". I did a layout using the 36" pattern and have a couple inches to spare so could maybe go with the 39 but we'll see. If time permits this week, I'll draw out my base to scale and see how everything looks. Not going to break ground until spring 2021 so have lots of time to get the details right. Once I get the base and size figured out it's on to 'how to keep rain and snow out of the landing.

            thanks again