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  • Hello from Kingston, Canada

    Hello everyone. I have been looking into building a brick Pompeii style oven for a while now slowly trying to source and collect the materials. The build won’t be until next spring, so I have plenty of time to think about design and base, etc. I want to do an entire kitchen or brick oven beside fireplace type idea. Anyway, in my searching I managed to find a gentleman who has a mix of 100 year old red clay bricks and regular red clay solids with a divot in the middle. I know that firebricks would be the brick of choice, but I couldn’t pass these up for $25.cdn.

    please give me your thoughts.
    thanks in a advance.

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    There have been a few builder use solid red clays in their builds, many being from ballast on old ships. It is kind of a crap shoot on whether a particular red clay can handle the oven temps or flame exposure, some do, some don't. They certainly could be used as a base or veneer on your outdoor kitchen.
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      Good score on the old bick.To back up Russell, they will come in handy on the build. But, keep scrounging for firebrick and other materials .
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