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Hello from Hennef, Germany

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  • Hello from Hennef, Germany

    Dear all,
    I have started building a Pompeii style pizza oven and so far finished building the foundation. So far everything went pretty well (attached you can see a picture of the foundation (before curing)).
    I want to build the stand of the oven from red bricks therefore I'm currently searching for bricks (in general). Bricks for the stand don't seem to be a problem in Germany but brick suitable for the floor and the dome seem to be harder to get in Germany. Local building supply stores as well as the internet sites of the manufacturers/wholesalers don't provide the information how the bricks are build or if they are suitable for use in ovens. Of course there are shops that sell ovens that sell bricks as well but prices are ridiculous in those shops.
    I wonder if I really have to import the stones from Italy or France where you can easily get them.

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    Wow!! great foundation
    I’m not sure if they can supply you the bricks made of old clay. Why aren't you talk with them (CRH CLAY SOLUTIONS GMBH)?


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      welcome to the forum.
      My 32" oven, grill & smoker build