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  • Hello from Nova Scotia

    Hello all, long time lurker, first time poster. Out here on the east coast of Canada. I am amazed by the resources found here. I made the perlite mistake before I found these pages, I’ve read and followed a few of the builds and really enjoy all the info and willingness of all to share successes and failures so the rest of us can learn. I jumped in on a 32 cast home brew thanks to the info found here, as Covid went on and on I decided that I couldn’t finish the build being uncertain how my employment would turn out. I ended up giving the cast to a buddy who purchased all the stuff to finish it and I put it together for him. Worked out great, I got experience building one and learned what mistakes not to make when I build my own. Had another friend who saw that one and wanted a smaller one so I cast a 24 and put that together, he’s on the second curing fire. Made them with the information found here, can’t thank you guys enough. Someday I hope to make one for me but in the meantime glad to learn and at least I get invited for pizza quite a bit. Pretty sure the wfo will sear a scallop pretty good to, but haven’t tried that yet. Really well run forum from what I’ve seen, look forward to continue learning, I have a lot of questions so hopefully I can pick a few brains for good advice!