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    I've stated a build in Co Down and got lots of good info from here so far so thanks to all. I'm up to the hearth level now and looking to decide a way forward. I started out thinking a 36 inch oven would be right but think I may be able to fit a 42 inch. Any thoughts?

    Hearth dimensions are
    W - 60 inch
    D - 79 inch including a 10.5 inch overhanging landing area

    I was gifted a lot of storage heater bricks but as I've gone on, I'm not convinced I'd like to build with them. I was going to use regular fire bricks in the floor and build the dome with the SHBs but now I'm thinking I'd rather do the lot with regular FBs. What do you think about using the SHBs underneath the floor instead of ceramic fire board? They are the square shaped ones with the lip at the back so I could set them in sand/fireclay.

    Some progress pics attached

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    There have been some recent builds with storage heater bricks, I think Mark from Australia did and several UK builders and they have had good success using them in the dome. They may be a little thin for the floor, should be at least 50 mm. Heater bricks under the fire brick floor is not a substitute for insulation. It will add thermal mass but not much in the insulation. I suggest you download the free eplans from Forno Bravo shop site and review. It is a good but dated baseline on oven construction and design.

    A 42" is going to make the oven OD go right to the very edge depending on you final coatings, there is nothing say you have to jump from 36" to 42", several builds have been 1 meter or 39". Larger ovens require more fuel and are quite large for the normal folks. I have a 42" and find it a party oven but rarely fire up for a pizza or two.
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      Thanks for the response. I won't use the heater bricks in the floor anyway, I'd like that to be regular fire bricks. Makes sense what you say about thermal mass and their not being suitable for insulation so will strike off that idea.

      I'll have a look for some of the other heater brick builds to see - problem is I don't think I have enough of them to do the whole build so wouldn't want to start off with them and find I couldn't get more.

      Have the plans - they're fairly well thumbed at this stage. 39 inch sounds like it could be a better way to go.

      Cheers for your input
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        Roughly how many bags of fire clay will be required for the dome construction? Have to travel to get them so would like to know up front to save another trip.

        Also, I've seen the dome calculator in the tips and tricks section here that estimates 29 firebricks are required for a 39 inch floor, however the FB plans suggest 60-65 bricks are needed. Which is accurate?