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Outdoor Kitchen: Fireplace-Oven or both?

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  • Outdoor Kitchen: Fireplace-Oven or both?

    Hi folks, I'm in the process of putting together or designing an outdoor kitchen for my home.
    Can one of these wood fired ovens double as an outdoor fireplace? I notice that FB also sells a fireplace, however, I'm curious if I could utilize one of the ovens also as a fireplace.
    Is there a member out there from Southern California (Orange County) who can provide me with some valuable lessons learned?

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    fireplace and/or white oven

    I been searching for a while on the same concept you may have. I have started my base and am trying to get information on white ovens. the fire is underneath the oven rather than inside. I have an add on stove from woodchuck that i have placed under my oven for heat. I am looking for ideas to heat an oven and/or a barbeque design. I am also kicking around the idea to see if i can remove the firebrick oven floor to barbeque steaks. I haven't had much luck on getting designs from this concept so any information would be quite helpful. Thanks


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      It's a floor cleaning and a dessert topping

      That one dates me.

      We don't have a separate fireplace in our great room or outdoors next to our pizza ovens. We use them as a fireplace, both after we have cooked in them, and to look and feel nice.

      That said, they don't throw out a lot of heat, or have a large opening. The opposite -- the goal of pizza oven is to keep heat inside the oven, not outside. So it makes sense that a customer just down the road from us in Windsor, CA installed both a Casa100 and a Calore fireplace. The photos are here:


      They've been throwing block parties, and "the pizza oven has transformed the neighborhood." That's a lot of fun.

      If could only pick one, I would definitely go for the pizza oven.

      On the dual chamber ovens, I'm very traditional on the ovens. The true "fire in the oven" brick oven is the only way to cook. They're the best at pizza and grilling and roasting. You'll never look back. :-)

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        Search and ye shall find

        james- thx for photos. I guess having a pizza oven/fireplace is somewhat conflicting in that you want the pizza oven to retain heat but the fireplace to give off heat.

        I did do a Google search under outdoor fireplace revealed the following article:


        Note that one of the pictures shows a fireplace/pizza oven combo with oven on top and fireplace on bottom. Obviously it's been done but I'm curious as to the how well the pizza oven works. Brings up a couple of questions for me based on this application which maybe you or some of the folks here can answer. Can the flu/chimney be shared? or is maybe the fireplace on the bottom one of those that doesn't require a chimney? I'm new to building fireplaces and ovens for that matter.


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          Shared flue

          Hey CJ,

          You can share a flue. Check out the outdoor kitchen we had at a summer rental in Provence (two summers and counting). A brick oven and wood grill side-by-side. Both appliances have chimneys that go up, connect at a Y, into a single chimeny pipe to the top of the house. Complete with an outdoor sink, so you never have to cook inside when its 100F.

          You could connect a fireplace and oven side-by-side the same way. Here's a link.


          The "oven" in the photo above the fireplace looks pretty small -- I'm not sure where the pizza goes (or the fire for that matter). It looks nice, but it really isn't a pizza oven. I was counting the width of the bricks, and I think that set up would be too limiting. I installed an oven with a 26" cooking floor as a trial (which is much larger than the oven in the photo), and I would not recommend an oven that small. It just doesn't work, and you shouldn't put one in.

          I think that's the trade-off. If you want a real oven for cooking, it comes with some size, oven opening and insulation requirements. That said, if you don't, you can do some great cooking in a traditional open fireplace with a Tuscan grill and cast iron pans. Lots of folks cook in the Calore fireplaces. Traditional fireplaces retain heat and are good at hearth cooking.

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            link to combo fireplace grill and oven site

            It's a japanese web site. I used one of the web translators to view.

            He designed it himself. I emailed him and he sent me some of his drawings.

            Pretty cool. he can use it as a fireplace, put a grate in the fireplace and use it as a grill; use the pizza oven as a smoker, or use the oven like an oven.


            Best Regards,

            My oven progress -


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              Re: Outdoor Kitchen: Fireplace-Oven or both?

              The link is dead.......
              The English language was invented by people who couldnt spell.

              My Build.



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                Re: Outdoor Kitchen: Fireplace-Oven or both?

                My wife and I are actually talking about putting a gas powered firepit we could sit around on a cold wintry evening instead of a fireplace.


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                  Re: Outdoor Kitchen: Fireplace-Oven or both?

                  I have an outdoor gas firepit and love it. Easy on and off.
                  Scott -

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