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New wfo builder from the Netherlands

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  • New wfo builder from the Netherlands

    Hi all,

    Just a quick introductory post: I'm from the Netherlands and busy building a wood fired oven after our garden renovation project escalated a little bit . It started with us wanting to move the patio and add a lawn to the garden of the house we recently moved into. Then I found out about rainwater storage and associated local subsidies, so now we have a 5m3 rain water tank under our patio. This tanks needed a little 'tech space' for a pump and valves for irrigation and while busy designing that I thought... mmm if I'm going to make a small brick box in my garden it might make sense to put a brick bbq on top of it. Once I started down that rabbit hole I came across wood fired pizza ovens, so now the plan is to build a wfo and integrate a BBQ grate in the chimney area. That's where the current escalation has ended. Possible future scope creep: integrate a gazebo/pergola and possibly a slide for the little one.

    I must say that these forums have been an amazing resource and inspiration with all the fantastic builds going around: thanks for that! I'll hope that I'll be able to add another one.

    Some personal background: I'm Dutch and a mechanical engineer by trade. I love doing DIY around the house and learn new skills like that. Bricks and concrete were new materials for me to work with, but creating the 'technical space' so far has been great to learn, and good exercise at the same time . I live here together with my Turkish wife and our almost 5 year old daughter. Hopefully once the oven is done we will also cook Turkish food in it, such as Pide and possible big roasts and bread.

    I'll create a separate build/design topic for my questions, but will just give you a small quick peak of the current status here: basically the 'floating slab' has just been poured and is now busy curing:

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