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A Forno is born - Escondido, CA

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  • A Forno is born - Escondido, CA

    First post
    We finished the dome yesterday
    after a four day effort
    (the base was poured a few weeks ago)

    I would like to thank FB forum members
    for all the cumulative knowledge here
    what a great resource

    Our oven is being built at La Milpa Organica farm
    in Escondido California

    We have outgrown the three-year old clay oven
    you can see in the background of one of the build photos

    We are hoping to have it insulated and clad tomorrow (done)
    and baking a week later

    Longer term we plan to put a tile mosaic mural on it

    construcution notes:

    The bricks were laid without using a form
    We found that a protractor cut to the shape of the dome's inside contour was helpful in positioning and supporting bricks as they were laid

    I didn't see this nifty device while reading the forum so
    perhaps here's my contribution to the art:

    Z shaped sheet metal clips tied to a 18" long string with a brick counter weight on the other end that hooked to the newly set bricks
    The clips held the bricks in place for a few minutes while the mortar set
    my phpGraphy site

    The Duratech anchor plate was attached using both expanding anchors
    (only lightly but snugly set) and Tapcon screws. This seemed a straightforward solution and the bricks did not seem too brittle for the fasteners.

    Again thank you everyone here
    for you help

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    Re: A Forno is born - Escondido, CA

    Great job - I should have patented the BS, but hey, if it works, lets use it! The use of the clip is absolutely brilliant! I thought I was outside the box using hot melt glue....

    Check out my pictures here:

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