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    Hi All,
    Greetings from the beautiful North Thompson River Valley. Home made bread has been a staple in our house since ,well, forever. In an effort to keep up with demands from kids, grandkids, neighbours etc. I am contemplating a micro bakery, and leaning towards a volcanic rock/clay combination for an oven. Sounds a little strange I know, but, the physics are there. The volcanic rock up here is used by my wife and her family (First Nations) to heat the sweat lodge. The rocks are heated to red hot many times over (without breaking), and hold the heat incredibly well. The local clay seems ok for heating. I have made bricks with it, and cured them in the sun and over the wood stove. Once cured it requires a good deal of force to break them. My main question seems to be, what kind of wood to use for firing? We have a lot of bug kill pine available, but I'm thinking that a hardwood would be better as there is way less pitch content. Any ideas? Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.